In Remembrance


Frisco and Linda met when she was the size of a lap dog, and it was love at first sight. Frisco was a mellow and loving dog even when as a youngster, and she loved nothing more than to be with her human mom. When she attended doggie kindergarten, she used to fall asleep during class under Linda's chair. She was quite a character, and brought laughter in more ways than one to the lives of those who loved her. She loved to steal goodies and eat them - some of her more famous steals included all the chilis off a string of chili lights, rabbit and horse dung, a box of crayons, rocks, socks, a name off a birthday cake (yes! just the name) and a toe ring. She was also known for unpacking the luggage and/or purses of Linda's guests in search of tasty bites. She was an avid hiker and loved the outdoors. It took her a while to adjust to Arizona, and she really missed the grassy lawns of Michigan. But, she came to love the Arizona sun and the many hikes the desert and the mountains offer. Frisco was a fighter, and Linda used to say she must have some cat in her because she seemed to have nine lives. She survived an FCE, an cervical embolissm, and a GDV. Frisco was loved dearly by her little brother Robi, a mutt. Frisco taught Robi, a rescued abuse survivor, how to be a dog and how to finally open his heart. In her later years, Robi has kept close to her, and on the morning she crossed over was there to kiss her face goodbye. Linda feels so blessed to have had 15 brilliant years with Frisco.


Sumu, also known as Sumis and Lumerkin, escaped euthanasia three times before finding her way to Kirstin. She was a gregarious cat who loved to play with balls, sunbathe, actually bathe, lounge on windowsills, hunt lizards, snuggle and most of all to keep the four dogs she lived with in line. Sumis was a skilled caretaker and saw her mom through difficult periods, like law school and the bar exam. She knew just what Kirstin needed and always spoke up in a meow that sounded gritty and firm. Sumis succombed to GI Lymphoma on January 30, 2010 after a valiant fight. She is still missed but lives on strong in the memories of those who loved her.

Remembering the special times we had with our pets keeps them alive in our hearts. We have created our In Remembrance page to give you a place to share your favorite memories with us and other members of the Cortaro Farms family. If you would like to include a picture and/or story please let us know.



Bose was a pistol with a personality much bigger than his compact 5 pounds, who grabbed life by the horns and squeezed out every drop out of life. He loved his furry siblings, and he especially loved Dr. Lueth. He loved to hike and wasn't daunted by even the roughest terrain. He loved to snuggle. He LOVED to go to the farmers' market on Sundays and sample all of the treats at Dogberry Hill. And when he was annoyed, he would give you an unforgettable sideways glare, captured on film only once. Well over nine times, Bose cheated death. One day shy of 14 years, Bose finally decided to let go. He is still missed everyday!


At 6 weeks of age, Phinny lost his entire feline family to coyotes. He was rescused and whisked off to Boston, where he began his lifelong (though sometimes bumpy!) friendship with a longhaired gray feline called Jaxon. Phinny learned to walk on a leash, and he and Jaxon enjoyed many a romp in parks ranging from Boston to Idaho. Phinny loved everyone, and from the moment they looked into his eyes, everyone loved him back. Phinny was was a COG (cat/dog) through and through. He loved to hang with the dogs and he even learned to fetch. Above all, he loved fresh air, green grass and the Arizona sun. Under the October sun in 2013, Phin joined the air and the sun, and he flew to freedom, embarking upon the ultimate adventure