Shelters, Sanctuaries, and Charities Helping Pets:

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary: This sanctuary is amazing and helps shelter, heal and rehabilitate animals who have survived some of the worst circumstances imaginable.

Free Kibble: When you take the daily quiz at, the site and its now 14 year old founder will donate 10 kibbles to an animal shelter. So far, they have donated millions of pounds of food to dogs and cats in shelters across the U.S."

Noah’s Wish: These folks help animals survive catastrophic disasters.

Alley Cat Allies: This organization helps promote the humane treatment of the nation’s alley cats.

Mostly Cockers & Poms: An Arizona rescue organization that focuses on rescuing cocker spaniels and pomeranians but is always happy to lend a hand to all kinds of four-leggers.

Silver Sea Jewelry: Lizzie, the owner of Silver Sea Jewelry on 4th Avenue, helps collect dog and cat food for pet owners who are homeless or down on their luck. Lizzie also sells the bracelets made by Beading Divas, a jewelry collective that uses donated beads to create beautiful one of a kind bracelets and then donates all of its proceeds to animal charities.

Pet Reference:

ASPCA Poison Control: There is a fee to use this service, but these folks are the experts!

ASPCA Poisonous Plants Resource: Some plants are very toxic to cats and dogs. To see which are safe and which are not, check out this site and its linked pdf documents.

Veterinary Blogs: A list of some great veterinary blogs. Be sure to check out our blog at

Pet News:

Life with Dogs

Whole Dog Journal

Life with Cats

A Place to Love Dogs

Pet Products:

Orvis: We love the beds from Orvis. Their chew-proof bed survived our black lab/german-shorthair pointer who can destroy nearly anything.

Hawks Will Custom Woodwork: This artist makes beautiful furniture to help hide away your litter box. Check it out!

The Litter Robot: This product is the best automatic litter box I have ever used. It is fairly quiet, easy to clean and VERY efficient. The original was too small to accommodate large cats, but I just saw that they now offer an expanded globe. HIGHLY recommend this product.

The Bottoms Up Leash: This leash has helped our old golden SO much. It doesn’t look substantial, but it is the most helpful tool I have found to help dogs with weakness in their hind end.

Bamboo Pet Toys: One word describes these toys: hardy. We have had the same toys for years.

Dog Leggs: This site offers therapeutic and rehabilitative products for canines. We have used the hock sock with amazing success.

Jaquie Lawson E-Cards: These cards are the best e-cards out there. Memberships to her site are great gifts for pet lovers.

Heartgard Products:  This product has an extensive amount of choices for pet owners to address the well being of their pets.


Pet Humor:

I Can Has Cheeseburger: If you love cats, you will love the pictures and captions on this site.

The Infinite Cat Project: A cool idea!

Maru’s Videos: Maru is a cat in Japan with a mystifying and highly amusing obsession with boxes. These videos will make you laugh until you cry!

Local Shelters and Sanctuaries: Where to Adopt a New Pet:

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona:

The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter:

Hope No-Kill Animal Shelter:

Pima Animal Care Center (our local animal control center):


Veterinary Diets:

Royal Canin USA: – Cat and dog food, formulas in both canned and dry food.

Hills Pet Nutrition: – Cat and dog food, formulas in both canned and dry food.


Medical Products:

K-Laser: – This website is a reference for products and services provided using the K-Laser. – We have one of these here @ Cortaro!



Morris Animal Foundation – – This is a well established organization working with veterinarians, doing extensive research in the veterinary industry.  We donate to this foundation on behalf of our clients.